The Petaler Remodel

This was a full-scale remodel to convert a former bike shop into a floral design studio.  With assistance from my partner, Kyle Quilici from, we transformed the nondescript room into a warm and inspiring workshop for our client to create large-scale flower arrangements and strategize her transition into providing retail offerings.

The client's father came out from Santa Fe, NM to spearhead the carpentry at the beginning of the project after the floors were demoed to reveal terrazzo like concrete.  In a week, he was able to build a massive rolling work table, a utility cart, install a countertop on the Ikea cabinets I had installed, and build the shelving above them that I had designed.  We were able to use the scrap granite for the countertops from the slab we used for the large rolling table.

We were able to track down the original sign maker to hand paint the back logo wall which we felt was important to tie in the branding already long established by her custom mobile work station: a converted mail truck, already a fixture in the neighborhood.  He was also able to lend his talents to the hanging sign (an antique watering can) and several small signs, designed to hang in the top of the Dutch door to let the neighbors know if flowers are available for purchase.

Additional elements were purchased at the Alameda Point Antique Fair over the course of several visits.  Styling for the photo shoot was provided by yours truly.