Our most comprehensive service that provides the full concept and design of a space.  Recommended if you’re starting with a “blank canvas” or from scratch and need guidance through the whole process.  Deliverables can include moodboards, sketches, and plans to achieve a final design/concept.  May include the selection of new finishes, paint colors, furnishings and accents, and the selection and supervision of subcontractors. Project lengths may vary depending on depth, availability of contractors, and/or delivery time of purchases.  Services may be provided on an hourly or project based rate.



Recommended for clients that love their furnishings and space but need help with composition.  Using primarily existing elements, a fresh take is provided for your surroundings.  This may include reconfiguring furniture placement, rehanging of art, and general decorating.  A styling can be limited to a single room or can include the entire home.  Sometimes during a styling, it is revealed that a particular piece needs to be replaced or purchased to optimize the space.  The client will be provided with a comprehensive list of recommendations and strategies for an ultimate solution.  Services may be provided on an hourly or project based rate.



This service is tailored to clients that are further along on their way to having an ideal space but have reached an impasse and need a nudge and a fresh set of eyes to help guide them to achieving their vision.  Consultations are great if you’ve already invested a lot of time and money into a space that still isn’t “working”.  In addition to tips and recommendations made on-site, clients will be provided with a comprehensive email outlining the guidance from the consultation.  Consultations are generally billed as a flat rate service.



An economical alternative to a traditional full staging where an owner typically has to move out and pay for moving and styling of rental furniture.  Utilizing the client’s existing furnishings and accessories, a property is styled from top to bottom.  A preliminary consultation will determine first if it is a viable alternative to a full staging, then what items will be used and what items should be removed.  Generally before an Edit Staging, clients need remove items from the space to open it up and depersonalize it for prospective buyers.  Recommendations will be made with regards to additional services commonly acquired prior to the sell of a property.  This service may be provided hourly or on a project based rate.



An extension of interior design or styling services focused on the acquisition and placement of live plants inside of an interior space.  Special selection of the right species to thrive in your space and the right vessels to help them thrive and look great.  Choices will be made based on factors including available light, space, and options for caring for the plants.  Services can be provided on an hourly or project based rate.