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  • nesting season

    The autumnal equinox was almost two weeks ago but here in San Francisco we were just able to get a teaser of what true summer feels like in most other places around the hemisphere.  Needless to say that I had it mind to publish this a few weeks ago but with the beautiful weather, it made more sense to enjoy the outdoors while I could rather than sitting behind the screen.  So with the first cloudy, rainy day in some time, it couldn’t be a more fitting time for me to touch on this topic.


    Spring cleaning is part of most our vocabulary but how many of us have a ritual for this time of year?  As the days get colder and shorter, most of us tend to find ourselves spending more time in our homes.  What could be a better reason to make time to invest in our home with some deep cleaning and improvements?  Many of us spend summer weekends traveling and enjoying nature and for good reason, attention to our spaces takes a back seat when there’s hikes and beach days to be had.


    Fall is a great season to welcome in with a cleansing ritual in your space to make it a respite for rest, wellbeing, and creativity.  Maybe that just requires a deep cleaning?  Maybe it’s time for a purge of old clothes as we shift into warmer attire and take out our jackets and scarves?  Maybe it’s time to address projects that will make your home feel the way you want it too like painting, adjusting or purchasing new lighting, or a new acquisition like a rug.  Regardless, it’s a great time to invest in your space, whatever that requires.  Make your space a place that reflects and serves your highest self.  Welcome in the harvest and create a template for the new year that is right around the corner.