Beverly Hills Apartment Makeover

Working with my extremely talented and stylish partner, Kyle Quilici of New Minimalism fame, we were able to completely restyle this apartment in less than three days.  Our dialogue with the client started a month in advance and we were able to get a good feel of the layout and get ideas going after seeing a video tour of the space.  The client had already made some headway but her busy schedule and aversion to shopping left the space unfinished.

After a few delays at the airport, we landed midday on Sunday and hit the ground running to the Melrose Flea Market after seeing the space in person for the first time and dropping off our tools and luggage.  We had the fortune of being able to shop with our client that day to gauge her taste and level of trust.  To our delight we ended up finding a carload of elements for the project despite our late start.

Monday we started by making some adjustments in the space and installing some of the pieces we had picked up.  Heading out with a strategic list of vintage shops we focused on finding a dining table and chairs as well as picking up some extra plants.  After crisscrossing Central LA we settled on one of our original finds and headed back to the site with a car full of plants and the new table and chairs.

After getting all the new purchases placed we had a chance to check back in with our client that evening and we decided on some final buys to complete the project.  Initially we had all resigned to the fact that we might not find everything on our program during our time there and would likely be leaving behind a list for our client to order.  We were delighted that she was willing to make the final buys so that we could leave with everything being “done”. 

Tuesday we headed over to West Elm and picked up the lounge chair, window treatments, a lamp, and a few accents. We were able to get everything back in time to set up, detail, and take the after photos below before headding to LAX to head back to SF.

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