Bernal Heights Bachelor Pad Transformation

The photos for this quick project do most of the work.  

A group of friends asked for my help to resolve the common area of their shared home.  Each of the guys was talented and creative in his own right but somehow an apathy had settled over the house with regards to decorating.  The house has great views and amazing natural light.  They had been discussing collaborating on painting and purging some odds and ends left behind by old roommates, but they were still uncertain as to a plan of action.  

The potential was obvious and I was able to make all the changes in a single afternoon/evening with one trip to the hardware store and the insertion of a vintage lounge chair and sconce that were collecting dust in my storage.  I came in and did the changes and styling a few weeks after the guys had set aside time to paint both spaces.

While the temptation to continue detailing and editing was strong, I decided to make due with what was on hand that day, and let it serve a testament to ingenuity and resourcefulness.

The after photos were taken later to benefit from the abundant natural light.